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There is only one essential ingredient to cultivate positive energy in the workplace, and it starts with you!

In today’s ever-changing world, it is easy to forget the power of positive energy. The energetic tone you set at the top cascades throughout your business and life, and it affects everyone and everything. As motivational speaker and business specialist, I empower my audience with a strategic communication toolbox that gives them the ability to communicate with influence and cultivate positivity that will drive action. 

I believe that if a motivational speaker leaves a long-term footprint in your life and business that leads to actionable and measurable results, it can be seen as money well spent. 

Your next business event should be filled with positive energy! 


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Most-requested themes

G.P. likes to prepare a focused, tailor-made keynote theme for each event, but these themes will create magic amongst your audience. Humour, music, relevance, inspiration – all part of what G.P. has in his recipe for delivering a great performance as an inspirational speaker. His focus on communication excellence makes his opportunity to impress at your event applicable to all. He brings plenty of enthusiasm and vigour with a balanced dose of theory and practice. G.P. delivers more than just a feel-good speech. Even though your event aims to bring pure enjoyment to your guests, G.P. will provide your guests with more – he motivates and inspires people to act. Your audience will go home with food for thought, ideas on managing change and positive energy that lasts longer than expected. 

Choose your theme


Mind your Business

Business Leadership & Strategic Planning

The secret to business success is all about mastering your own mind.


Bold in Business

Business, Leadership Motivation & Inspiration 

How to become a leader that inspires and motivates action.


Positive Communication Energy

Corporate Communication & Performance Management

Explore the power of positive communication energy.


Walk the Talk

Inspirational, Strategic Leadership & Communication

Become a leader that leads by example and cultivates positivity.


Persuasion, Buy-in & Engagement

Change Communication & Persuasion  

Share meaning meaningfully by communicating with influence and impact.


Laws of Loyalty

Employee & Customer Relationship Management

Learn how to build and foster real relationships with real people in the real world.


Marketing Madness

Brand Building, Marketing,Communications & Sales

Discover the magic of marketing through marketing methods that matter most.


Dream Team

Team Communication & Performance Management

If you inspire passion amongst your employees, they will make your dream their own.

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Business leadership & strategic planning 

 Theoretical focus 

  • Mind yourself 
  • Mind your business strategy 
  • Mind your corporate communication 
  • Mind your focus & commitment 
  • Mind your employees & culture 
  • Mind your client relationships 

The secret to business success is all about mastering your own mind

In this specific day and time, the saying “Mind Your Business” is nothing more than excellent business advice or, as I would describe, “words of wisdom”. As strategic leader, we are all so busy focusing on the world of business around us that we often forget to mind our own business by paying serious attention to how we operate, direct, and lead our business. 

On the basis of this theme, we take a closer look at how we can utilise mindfulness as a communication and management technique in our business and personal lives. I will help you master the art of minding your business so your business will mind you. 

Business, Leadership Motivation & Inspiration 

Theoretical focus 

  • Leadership 
  • Corporate Communication (listen, communicate, feedback) 
  • Relationship Management 
  • Performance Appraisal 
  • Inspiration & Motivation

How to become a leader that inspires and motivates action

The traditional way of leading has become too predictable and uninspiring. If you are a leader that still tries to inspire through the “one size fits all” approach, you’re already failing. In today’s ever-changing workplace, employees seek a voice, validation, appreciation, and a place where their skills and performance contribute to real change. 

This theme will learn you how you can become a leader that inspires boldly by focusing on the OUT approach: 

Out with the sell and in with the solve: 

Stop telling your employees why they need to perform better and connect the dots of your employees’ efforts to change and solve problems. 

Out with money and in with meaning: 

It’s not always about the pay at the end of the day. Employees seek meaning beyond profitability. They want their hard work to make a difference in the community. Inspire your employees by focusing on things that mean more than money. 

Out with the title and in with time: 

It’s not your title that inspires and motivates your employees; it’s the time you invest in getting to know them better. You need to adjust your methods of inspiration by taking the time to understand your employees’ tendencies, aptitudes and behaviours. 

Out with fear and in with feedback: 

Leaders who inflict fear by constantly telling their employees what to do are fighting a losing battle. Employees are inspired through objective feedback where they can focus on growing within their position. They want to learn and remain relevant. 

Out with the top and in with trust: 

Stop trying the be on top of every initiative and project running in your company and focus on trusting your employees to take ownership which means that you have shared and entrust them with your authority. By trusting your employees’ accountability will automatically be enforced. Bold leaders are open to change; they adapt to changing environments and continuously seek new ways to inspire their teams. 

Corporate Communication & Performance Management

Theoretical focus 

  • Corporate Communication 
  • Performance Management 
  • Teamwork 
  • Corporate Culture 
  • Motivation & Inspiration

Positivity starts with you! 

There is only one essential ingredient to cultivate positive energy and high-performing teams in the workplace, and it starts with you! If communication is the biggest part of our everyday life, why are we doing it so effortlessly? It might seem like communication is supposed to come naturally, but it doesn’t always. Think about how you are communicating, what you are communicating and how the other person might interpret what you are saying. And make an effort to do it better. 

When we focus on and plan for excellence in communication, we can go far in ensuring better communicative experiences and interactions. You have to make an effort of translating your feelings into real-life action. Your internal and external communication efforts should be HOT (honest, open and two-way). 

This theme is focused on excellent communication tools to help you to upgrade your self-belief and enhance positive thoughts to meet your vision and goals. It’s also filled with humor, positive energy, and actionable results to help you fuel your business with positive communication that will lead to extraordinary performance and exceptional growth!  I will spur your audience to take action and inspire them to start their journey towards personal and professional success. 


Inspirational, Strategic Leadership and Communication  

Theoretical focus 

  • Corporate Identity 
  • Corporate Values 
  • Corporate Culture 
  • Strategic Drivers 
  • Business Strategy 
  • Communication & Marketing Strategy 
  • Leadership & Performance management 

How to keep it real in your business and lead by example

As business leaders in a world where everything is constantly changing the one thing that should remain the same is to WALK THE TALK in business – this means leading by example. 

Business leaders that think differently about their business invariably talk about it differently. At the heart of the company’s approach to being different is the communication system that defines the strategy, service and culture life inside the organisation and reminds everyone what really drives success.  

We constantly strive towards trying to bring alignment, correlation, and sense between what we say (contemplate, formulate, express) and what we do (plan,  construct, implement). The easiest way to WALK THE TALK is to focus on your core corporate values. People pay attention to what leaders say, as well as what they do. If your leadership message doesn’t align with your leadership itself, your value as a leader begins to crumble. When it comes to leadership, you’ve got no choice but to back up your words with action. 

At the basis of this theme, we take a close look at the corporate identity and strategic drivers of your business by aligning your brand’s authentic voice, the channels you use, the tone of voice, your values, missions and the positioning of your brand with the personality, identity and strategy of your business and your target audience. 

Change Communication & Persuasion

Theoretical focus 

  • Corporate Communication 
  • Change Communication 
  • Persuasion 
  • Marketing & Sales 
  • Client Relationship Management 

Share meaning meaningfully by communicating with influence and impact

Never underestimate the power of effective communication skills to influence and change perceptions. On a day-to-day basis, you need it to convince employees to work toward company goals or to persuade colleagues or clients to consider your ideas and suggestions.  

In business I have found that he biggest reason you are not achieving your potential is because there are multiple moments in which you do not know what to say, when to say it and how to make it count. 

If you can master the art of positive and persuasive communication, you can win the support of others, unify your team and encourage them to work together.  

This theme will equip your team with a communication toolbox that will help them persuade, get buy-in and sell. 

Employee & Customer Relationship Management 

Theoretical focus 

  • Internal & External Relationship Management 
  • Corporate Communication 
  • Corporate Culture 
  • Performance Management 

Learn how to build and foster real relationships with real people in the real world

The most important law of loyalty is that it is a two-way street. How can drive a stream of loyal employees and customers in our business? We all know that actions speaks louder than word and it’s time to stop saying that you are different but to start showing WHY you are different. 

This theme is all about focusing on your employees and clients as the most valuable asset in your business and how you can turn your employees and clients into raving fans, brand ambassadors and referral partners for new business.  

G.P. will teach you how to manage and change perceptions by creating a corporate culture where employees will value your values and the customers will fall in love with your brand by creating the ultimate customer experience that captures and reflects who you are as a brand and company. Loyalty is created by a connection through personalisation, differentiation, and emotion. It’s the experience and not the service that generates loyalty. Your audience will leave inspired to re-think the way they win over new customers and transform the way they service the customers they already own to intensify the customer’s commitment to your company. 

Brand Building, Marketing, Communications & Sales

Theoretical focus 

  • Corporate Identity 
  • Business Strategy 
  • Strategic Drivers 
  • Stakeholder Mapping 
  • Online Alternative Marketing Channels 
  • Message Formulation & Content Creation 

Discover the magic of marketing through marketing methods that matter most

How can your business stand out in a hyper-competitive market filled with endless clutter? The most important questions that need to be answered are what matters most when it comes to marketing, communication, and sales? The answer is easy, companies should start focusing on being REAL (real, relevant and authentic) when it comes to your corporate identity, communication and marketing strategy as well as your relationships with your clients.  

The world of business is so focused on automation, AI, systemised processes, and an overload of messages that they are totally missing the magic behind marketing. Marketing, communication, and sales are all about influencing people and connecting on an emotional level.  

This theme focuses on how you can position your company in the market by first sorting out your current and future corporate identity and competitive edge and exploring tangible, achievable plans and processes through strategic drivers, and communication- and marketing strategies that will help you align your company’s personality and identity to that of your target audience’s. Explore exceptional tools and techniques that help you communicate, market, and sell successfully.  

Team Communication & Performance Management

Theoretical focus 

  • Corporate Culture 
  • Team Communication 
  • Leadership & Management 
  • Diversity Management 
  • Performance Management 

If you can inspire passion amongst your employees, they will make your dream their own

In an ever more complex and information-overloaded world, teaming up to work as a unified team is key to learning, innovating and performing better. There are no quick fixes when it comes to teamwork. It requires team communication and an ongoing team-building campaign not just a once-off tea party.  

The synergy of a team, whether that team is constituted from a broad, organisational perspective or that of a business unit within an organisation, is managed through team communication.  

This theme will help you discover and communicate your corporate culture by making it more than just a campaign-of-concepts, a slogan or a code of conduct but rather the primary factor that determines how we work together and execute. You will learn how to inspire passion and positive energy through excellent communication to cultivate high-performing teams that will make your dream their own. You will also explore a creative approach to ensuring that the value of a diverse team has a platform to launch from and becomes a tool for opening new markets. 

When you utilise excellent team communication it will motivate team effectiveness, employee engagement, and performance.