Purpose over Profit

Why purpose should be your priority.   

It’s time to break free from the profit-driven mindset and prioritise purpose. Don’t be fooled by the short-term benefits of chasing profits. Choosing purpose over profit can lead to long-term success, fulfilment, and positive energy that will fuel your business for years. 

When you prioritise purpose, you put your values and mission first. You become a force for good, creating #PositiveEnergy in the world around you. By committing to sustainable and ethical business practices, you can build a business that is financially successful and contributes to society. 

According to a study by Deloitte, companies that prioritise purpose have more engaged employees. In fact, 73% of employees who work for purpose-driven companies feel more involved, trusted and inspired at work, resulting in highly motivated employees who are eager to perform. 

Making your business purpose-driven can start with small steps like treating your employees fairly, sourcing materials responsibly, and minimising your environmental impact. But it doesn’t stop there. Giving back to your community is another way to prioritise purpose and create positive energy among your employees and customers. Support local causes and smaller businesses to build a loyal customer base and boost your brand’s reputation. 

You can also improve your mental health and well-being by prioritising purpose over profit. Staying true to your values and making a positive difference in the world can give you more significant meaning and fulfilment. Your positive energy can inspire others to join your mission, creating a ripple effect of change. 

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