In this specific day and time, the saying #MindYourBusiness is nothing more than excellent business advice or, as I would describe, “words of wisdom”. A strategic leader has a responsibility to mind their business by paying serious attention to how they operate, direct, and lead their business. Want to know how you can mind your business so your business will mind you? Here are a few tips. 

1. Mind yourself:  

Do introspection of your competence and emotional state by taking an existential view of yourself to know better how to function at your optimal levels of success 

2. Put mind in your business:  

Imagine and create new possibilities for the future; manage diversity. Envision the future of your business’ success by examining new opportunities. Remember, the best of business leaders are risk-takers, doers, and the makers of things.  

3. Mind your communication, so your minding becomes far-reaching.: 

This can only happen when you communicate your vision, goals, and values; it will set direction, inspire action, align resources, and develop the capabilities of your team. 

4. Mind your focus and commitment:  

To focus is the ability to shut out distractions and emphasise what needs to be done in your business to progress forward. When you focus and give attention to all business situations and circumstances, you fully commit, which is the meaningful action behind your chosen goals and vision.  

5. Mind your employees: 

The building block of business is relationships, and this includes your employees. To be a successful leader, you need to listen and seek your employees’ input to build a cohesive team that drives innovation and performance. You need a skills plan to move forward. 

6. Mind your business mind: 

Knowledge is power! To have a sound business mind, be abundantly knowledgeable in your field. Never hold the belief that you know enough. A great leader is open to feedback, soaks up information and choose to be ahead of the game.  

Now, this is just the oortjies van die seeikoei. There are a million ways business leaders can mind their business, but it is all up to you at the end of the day. Let me help you mind your business in order to be a strategic leader. Drop me a mail at


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