The old common English saying, “Mind Your Business”, might sound harsh, but it has valuable lessons that we can all learn from.

As I was brainstorming about the perfect campaign for my next marketing endeavour, I came across the saying “mind your own business,” and it hit me like a ginger punch. We are all so busy focussing on the world of business that we often forget to mind our own business. When I refer to #MindYourBusiness, I’m not saying that you should respect other companies’ privacy as the direct meaning rings – because no company has its privacy nowadays. No, #MindYourBusiness means so much more than what meets the reader’s eye. Let me break it down for you:

#MindYourBusiness in my “mind” can be seen as ambiguous but the right kind of direction indicators. On the one side, #MindYourBusiness implies that we should take control of the things we have control over. Let me simplify; we should mind our own business and forget about other companies and challenges that do not affect us – keep your eyes on your own prize. A business leader should constantly challenge his ideas, innovation, and creativity to be successful. Don’t lose sight of your vision, goals, and strategies. Never let a sense of dread take control of your mind – breathe into your business’ success instead of minding your own business.

On the other side, #MindYourBusiness means applying real “mind” to your business, habits, and life. The advice people, articles, psychologists, and business coaches give us revolves around our MINDset and the importance of mastering the mind. I believe it is as simple as this; master your mind, or it will master you. When you put “mind” in your business, you become a thought leader that demonstrates your expertise in a particular field, cultivating innovative thinking, great ideas, clear vision, passion, and purpose. This is what “mind” does for a business – it creates a focused, in control, and inspiring leader. 

I have concluded that when you mind your business, your minding becomes far more reaching.

Please, #MindYourBusiness and book a consultation session now!


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